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Origin:  Stoke-on-Trent, UK


Genres:  Symphonic Metal


Years Active:  2020 - Present

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Short Bio

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WarlocK A.D. are a Heavy Metal band from the west-midlands, UK, that blends together Symphonic, Power and Folk Metal elements with Parodical Fantasy themes.

WarlocK A.D. Live shows are performed as Live Action RPG events where a dice is used to determine the direction and story of the setlist - creating a unique live experience at every show!

The band performed at Bloodstock Open Air 2022, and has toured with established acts such as VICTORIUS in Germany and the UK, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS and most recently at O2 Academy shows with NANOWAR OF STEEL.

WarlocK A.D. will be releasing their second album, "Book II: The Valley of Vâgené" in 2024 through Rockshots Records.

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Quest - Battle - Party!!

The fusion of theatricality, fantasy, and musical talent makes Warlock AD a standout act in the symphonic rock scene.

- Metal Planet Music

"Warlock A.D. play some legitimately decent heavy metal which is thoroughly enjoyable, but their live performances are truly something to behold."

- Metal Underground

Most amusing, great fun and with more backstory than an Italian mobster’s alibi

- My Global Mind

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