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Terradiem - The Centre of the Universe & The Many trials of Mamøra

Of Mamøra’s creations, the first beasts to grace the world which Cühm saw as the greatest of his creations, Terradiem - known in common tongue as Earth - were the dragons. These beasts were so varied that there were those of great length dwelling beneath the rough and ebbing seas and even those with great beating wings soaring through the air. The dragons, however, were unruly. So untameable and strong willed they were, the dragons refused to allow Mamøra or indeed any of her siblings to walk upon the earth - claiming it as their own land. Enraged by their insolence, Cühm sent forth the mightiest of his children, Vâgené, to enact justice upon the usurpers who unrightfully claimed lordship over his greatest creation. With fury in her heart, Vâgené plunged her fist into Terradiem - the seas spilled over the lands, continents cracked asunder and the volcanic blood of the Earth bled from the mountains and in almost an instant, the reign of the Dragonkin on earth came to an end. Into hiding many survivors went, deep beneath the ground and seas where they would lie dormant for eons awaiting a time when they could once again rise forth and reclaim their kingdom.

Mere centuries later, once the world was repaired by The Elder Ones, Mamøra breathed life into her greatest creation - the Eterniâllé, ones known in common tongue as The High Elves. They were the first peoples created upon Terra. There, through their unending lives, they would flourish with the gifts of the Elder Ones. With the blessings of Anâlia their numbers grew, and with the gift of Bôl-Saïx, they would prosper beyond all recognition of the primitivity to which they were first born. The Eterniâllé spread across the great continents of the earth, finding far corners filled with natural beauties and wonders. Their devotion to The Elder Ones never wavering, they erected shrines of glistening marble and fine gemstones recovered from beneath the earth at which they would worship their creators.

For many years, The High Elves lived peacefully amongst the beasts of the Earth - though their long lives began to anger Phällos and Cliét, who felt their creation of time was being mocked by their siblings. And thus, the race of men was created - people of minimal mortality when compared to the Elves. Though when it came time for Bôl-Saïx to bestow his knowledge upon Man, he found that they held a far slimmer comprehension of the cosmos - and thus many were driven insane and retreated from the light of the sun into the far chasms carved out by the Elves. Deeper they dug, and greater their numbers grew in the dark passages - but with each generation their physiology changed. The harsh cold away from the sun caused them to develop thick, almost fur-covered skin - and their hunched crawling through wet stone passages forced their bodies to stop growing beyond a point. And so, over thousands of years, Dwarf-kind came to be - still baring the deep knowledge bestowed upon them millennia ago. They turned their knowledge to the stone in which they lived and became masters of craft and industry - near genius being a common trait amongst most of Dwarf-Kind.

Not all who learned the ancient arcane knowledge gifted from Bôl-Saïx were driven insane however - some were immediately attuned to the vast cosmos without hesitation and sought nothing but to spend their long lives learning more and watching the universe grow. These humans were therefore gifted the same eternal life gifted to the High Elves by Mamøra - but with condition.

'You may live for all eternity - but never shall you raise sword or bow to mortal enemies, never shall you take a mate nor bare children, and NEVER shall you interfere directly with the fates of this universe without the blessing of my sister, Vâgené!' - and so the Arcanni (later known commonly as Wizards) were born.

Many thousands of years would pass on Terradiem and with them the Eterniâllé would continue to progress; but unrest soon began to unfold. Born to live in harmony with the natural order of the universe, the elves were to remain pure of heart and spirit. But with freedom of thought came the freedom of ideas - not all of which were agreed upon. Soon, the intended long lives of elves began to be cut short as kin slew kin over matters of power and differing ideologies. Seeking to punish those who would break from her creed Mamøra herself came before the elves and spoke;

'hear these words and relent; any elf seeking to spill the blood of their kin or any other of my creations beyond mercy or need shall forever be corrupted. The roots of thine dark desires shall spread across thine skin - twisting and deforming. Thou shalt never again be seen as my child and thou shall not feel the light of longevity bestowed upon thine brethren…'

Though this warning meant nought to some. For many ages elf would slay elf - and worse still show sadistic glee in the bleeding of others. Over time, the rot began; twisted creatures the dark elves became - their porcelain skin cracked with the signs of their wrath, their eyes burned a deep blood red and their mortality laid bare before them.

Mamøra, before long, would again come into conflict with her brother Phällos over her disregard for his creation of time. The Dwarf-kind were long lived due to their own evolutionary changes and both The Elves and Arcanni were flagrantly gifted eternal life.

'Do you not see sister?' Phällos pleaded. 'More and more eternal ones are born each day and yet non submit to the throws of time like the beasts of the land! There is no balance and continuing along this path shall bring nothing but chaos! There are no traditions, non are honoured in life and your favouring of life has wrought ignorance of your other responsibility - death.' Mamøra pondered long and hard in her Brother's passionate plea. He was right - to ensure balance in the universe there ought be a sunset with each sunrise. And so, once more and with the blessings of her sister Anâlia, Mamøra created the race of Men. This time, however - the deep eldritch knowledge which would be gifted by Bôl-Saïx was withheld for fear of corrupting her creation once more. The race of Men was created with a much shorter lifespan, with a century seldom to be seen by any of their kind. There, she vowed to allow the race of Men to be left alone, charting their own course through time - and though it pained her greatly to watch as her children grew old and passed, she was ultimately content in the knowledge that balance had at last been restored in the universe.


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