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The Æfintýr

a compendium of the many races, peoples and beings that fall under the term Æfintýr in the warlock a.d. multiverse...

The Æfintýr is the collective term for those that one may refer to as "magical beings". Long before "The Fall of the Æfintýr", there were many different peoples who all lived together in harmony. Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Fairies and, of course, Dragons. These once thriving societies were wiped out on the orders of Pope Benedict VIII for their heathenistic ways of life. Following the final battle between the Æfintýr rebellion in England, slaughter rang out across the world as the forces of the church hunted down the Æfintýr. Every last magical being was murdered, their artefacts and historical achievements stolen or obliterated and knowledge of their existence, over time, reduced to mere myths and legends.

The Elves

In Britannia's history, no Elves were quite so pivotal in their advancements in societal developments as those found in their secret Elven Wood, invisible to those ignorant to it's location, deep within the heart of Sherwood forest. Blessed with biological immortality, The Elves of Sherwood were hedonistic by nature, and keen bowmen. Though they were naturally skilled in archery, their true passions lay within songs of life and all things born of the earth. Following The Fall of the Æfintýr, an unnamed elven traitor, under the promise of salvation from the massacre, guided the forces of Mercia to the Elven Wood. Of course, he too was betrayed, his body piled with the rest of those set ablaze after the last Elf was slain.

The dwarves

Deep beneath the snowy peaks of Lochnagar lie the long forgotten caverns of the Golden Kingdom of The Dwarves. Though they were few in numbers, the Dwarves were a mighty race of miners, warriors and expert craftsmen. Their halls were adorned with glistening gems and precious metals; so to was the crown that sat upon the head of the last king to rule over Lochnagar, King Thorumm Mackintosh. Known for their reluctance to commune with the surface world, the Dwarves of Lochnagar had not travelled south in centuries before King Thorumm led a company of men south to aid The Warlock in the battle against Mercia. Unfortunately, all perished on the battlefield, including the would-be-usurper Micklesoft Vindows the Bold. After this, the rest of the dwarves were smoked out of the Golden Kingdom and brutally slain, before their treasures were seized and the entrance to their caverns sealed - leaving the once mighty kingdom in ruin, destined to sit empty as nothing more than a tomb.


Thought to be descendants of the pagan druids who once bridged the gap between man and earth through rituals, healing and celebrations of nature's splendor, The Wizards were near cosmic beings who specialised in the learning of the universes deepest secrets. It is said that wizards were able to shift the course of nature and reality, step into other planes of existence and commune with the ancient beings who far predate the lives of mortal man. The leader of the Æfintýr rebellion in 1019ad was, in fact, a wizard. Whiteacre the Mighty Warlock, as many went on to call him, was an immensely powerful sorcerer who had managed to, like many before him, use his eldritch knowledge to achieve the same biological immortality as that held by the Elves - who then regarded The Warlock as one of their kin, as was the case with many wizards before him.

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