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The Beginning of All

Cühm and His Children - The Elder Ones.

Before all things - before war and peace, life and death - there was nothing. No light, no darkness - simply a vast emptiness devoid of creation. Then - there was Cühm. With Cühm came an explosion of life. That which was not was all of a sudden there. All things began with Cühm, and from Cühm we were all born. For the longest free time, he was alone - he had shaped the universe and brought together fire and stone to create the planets and the stars - yet there was nought but his life. And so, from his own seed, Cühm created the Elder Ones; children of his with whom he could discuss the intricacies of the cosmos, with the hope that they themselves would too govern his new creation. Of the Elder Ones, there are:

Vâgené, the sword of the universe - she who would protect the creations of Cühm at all costs.

Mamøra, the mother of life - She who would bring about the spark of life so that there would be many peoples to prosper in the light of Cühm’s creation.

Bôl-Saïx, the father of thought - He who would challenge the minds of Mamøra’s creations and instil within them the desire to learn and progress.

Anâlia, the mother of love - She who would instil within Mamøra’s creations the desire to protect one another and revere one another as equals with the view to come together and procreate.

Phällos, the father of Time - He who would record the progress of all creations and dictate the passage of time with the view to keep order and allow the children of Mamøra to learn from their past triumphs and mistakes

Cliét, the mother of Reality - She who would protect the stability of Cühm’s creation and prevent the branching of his created reality.

On the very edge of the universe, The Elder Ones came together to erect their home, a gargantuan citadel beyond all known reality - a safe haven for them to hone their gifts and prepare to bring about the charge set before them by their father. Here, at The Citadel of Cühm, the story of the universe truly begins. For a time, there was peace between all of Cühm’s children, as they grew together as a family whilst learning of their own purpose. Phällos and Cliét would become inseparable, crafting between them plans for a linear path upon which all of Cühm’s creations would travel in their journeys - at the

climax of which Time, Space and Reality as it was initially known was created. Anâlia and Mamøra would spend their days in the vast gardens of The Citadel forming first the flora of the universe, before discussing the possibilities of living creature’s in their own image. Overhearing this, Bôl-Saïx began to ponder the roles of the creatures in Cühm’s creation - believing that there should be a hierarchy of knowledge to ensure that all necessary roles within the universe would be fulfilled. There, he decided upon the concept of sentience; Mamøra’s creations would be divided between Peoples and Beasts with their key difference being the ability to develop free thought. People would be guided by the desire to learn and adapt, whilst the beasts of the universe would remain guided by instinct and evolutionary changes free of interference by his hand.

The Sword of the Universe, however, remained by her father’s side. She would learn from him the deepest secrets not passed down to Cühm’s other children - with the intention that she would protect his creation from collapse at all costs. Craving this knowledge, and a slave to his hubris, however, was Bôl-Saïx. He began to grow jealous of his sister’s relationship with their father - believing that it was he who should know the Deep Secrets. His Jealousy turned to resentment towards not only The Sword of the Universe, but towards his other siblings and father as well - a resentment that would come to grow as all of Cühm’s creation traveled along the path laid out by Phällos and Cliét…


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