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The Geography of Brittanni

Herein are brief descriptions of the more notable areas found in the land of Brittanni

Map of Brittanni Circa I400ni

The Far North - Dwarf empire territory

Much of the northern landscape has been devastated. Once home to sprawling hills, Human cities and lush forests, the dwarf empire has torn down the trees and towns and replaced them with large industrial mining cities of marble and gold, save for the dense woodland to the south of the region - kept in place purely for defensive purposes.

Horatus’ tower:

An unassuming tower hidden by the dense woodland at the south of the Dwarven Territory. beyond the trees the ocean can be seen. Home to a wee hermit wizard that always smells like herbs and mushrooms.

The Golden Showers of Prestønia:

An oasis hidden within the dense woodland at the south of the Dwarven Territory - It's water shimmers with a golden aura in the moonlight - said to be home to a beautiful siren with an enchanting voice...

The Mountains of Titus:

A large mountain range spreading coast to coast and across the border into the barren Middle-Lands - essentially a wall barring entry in and out of Dwarven Land, unless travelling through the Dwarf toll tunnel or by Dwarf Airship, of course. However, here is a secret path through the mountains, passing by the snowy left peak of Titus’ two largest summits. But beware; Half-Orc scouts of the Empire are said to roam the hills in search of game and enemies of the Empire.

The Middle-Lands - No-Man's Land

A region soaked in the blood of elf, dwarf, half-orc and human alike. Once Human-Controlled settlements now act as work camps for Human slaves to gather resources for their Dwarf overlords. There is only one way to safely pass through this region without being caught by the Dwarf Legions...

The Caverns of Náve:

The only safe passage through the land. Beneath the hills of the Middle-Lands there is a vast network of passages and caves filled with ores of precious stones and metals, subterranean lakes... left in abandon for fear of awakening the beast living beneath the caverns... a Mighty Thunder Breathing dragon - Flüffir.

The Ruins of Obolique:

Ruins of the Once beautiful ancient capital of The Kingdom Brittanni - Left to deteriorate for centuries. There is rumoured to be a weapon of great power held in the Tomb of Kings beneath the citadel of the great city - The last of the three Brittanni Spears.

The South - Elven Sovereignty Land

A beautiful, regal land gifted to Elven refugees by King Forödin during The Age of Men - still baring the immense natural beauty that once sprawled across the whole of Brittanni. The final bastion of Elf and Human freedom, the land is protected at the border by Elven watchtowers, ballistas and Elven garrisons. However, there seems to be an internal unrest brewing between The reigning High King of the Elves Quintas of the line of Eilianther and His son - The Crown Elven Prince Quinn.

The Dark Forest of Pübiß:

Known as the Emerald of the Elven crown, the Dark forest of Pübiß is a thick, dense and naturally overgrown forest - home to plenty of magical creatures. It is said only the most magically attuned have any hope of reaching the secret at the centre of the forest…

The City of Sherwood:

The Elven capital in the land of Brittanni. Established first as an Elven Colony in IX469am following the making of "The Oath of Quinarin":

"We shall seek not to take more than this gift, and so our two races may live in harmony." - High Elven King Quinarin of the line of Eilianther, IX469am

Glistening towers and beautiful white cobbled streets interwoven with the flora of Pübiß - at the center of which stands a regal statue of High Elven King Quinarin, saviour of the Elves.

The Valley of Vâgené:

The Centre of the Universe. Flanked on all sides by the thick brush of Pübiß, The Valley of Vâgené has been left in peace for millennia by the many peoples of Brittanni save for the odd Elven pilgrim. Waterfalls, glistening lakes and jagged rockfaces make the Valley a sight to behold. At the centre of the Valley lies a mysterious shrine, The Quimm of the World, believed to be a gateway to other universes...


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