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The Great Divide & The Persecution of Cliét

Bôl-Saïx watched on as his siblings' creations flourished in the universe - most of all upon Terradiem. He watched as the life forms of Mamøra evolved, families and friendships blossomed thanks to the gift of love from Anâlia - and of course the stability of Phällos and Cliét's path of time and reality never wavered. Through all of this Bôl-Saïx never forgot of his Father's closeness to his sister Vâgené - ever wondering what secrets were exchanged for which he was not worthy.

"Perhaps these secrets lie beyond this universe" Bôl-Saïx pondered. "Yes, beyond this reality perhaps there are more." His insatiable lust for knowledge grew more and more until finally, he decided on how he would attain such deep forgotten secrets. And so, he set to work on the manipulation of his sister, Cliét, the mother of reality. In secret he would come to her and whisper sweet poison in her ear - suggesting that she had been spayed by their father and forbidden without words to create anything ever again.

Naturally, the close bond between Phällos and his sister began to wane, as it became Bôl-Saïx who she would come to favour. A great silver tree blossomed in the gardens of The Citadel of Cühm - and along its branches the known singular reality began to split into many. In their counsels, they surmised that each thought and idea should breed another reality in which said thought became that reality - so as to not castrate the creations of both Bôl-Saïx and Cliét.

Before long, this came to the attention of The Father, Cühm. He gathered his children for a summit, wherein he spoke:

'My children - some among you have sought power beyond your means...' He declared. 'This bastardisation of my universe will not be tolerated. Who amongst you is responsible for this treachery?' There was a silence for a moment, before Bôl-Saïx came forth.

'This splitting of the universe into many - this treasonous act must surely have come from The Mother of Reality!' Cliét, stunned by her Brother's betrayal then came forth.

'Father, my Brother helped me see the limitations of freedom imposed upon us by your hand.' She pleaded. 'This branching of reality into new universes is a gift, not a slight!'

'Enough!' Roared Cühm, his voice echoing through the halls of The Citadel. 'The Universe is MY creation! Those who would seek to undermine my work and create false images of my creation MUST be punished!' His great staff struck the ground hard, sending shockwaves across the hall, dropping his children to their knees. He gestured with his long almost skeletal finger and Cliét was dragged before him. 'Cliét, my daughter, what you have done is unforgivable. You have betrayed your family and worse still, your creation now grows beyond even my control. The singular timeline which you yourself and your brother Phällos created has been shattered and now the very stability of this universe has been compromised.' Vâgené, dressed in her glistening armour and flowing white gown stepped forward, drawing her ornate gold and silver blade. 'I sentence you - for your treachery - to death.' Cliét began to cry, pleading for her life; she looked back over her shoulder, searching for the gaze of her brother Bôl-Saïx - but it was not met. The shriek she gave when Vâgené's sword pierced her heart was deafening, and with a final whispered apology, she fell.

All came far too late, however; for the multiverse had become unruly and wild - its branches tangling with each other creating tears in the very fabric of existence. For a time, Phällos was able to freeze the multiverse in place, stopping it's growth - but it was no use; The mother of reality had been slain and her creation was out of control. Before long the spreading of the multiverse would continue at great speed. Desperate for a solution, the family turned to the wisest - Bôl-Saïx - who surmised that the most effective course of action would be for each of the siblings to govern vast quantities of these universes; splitting the responsibility if their stability equally. While the other siblings all agreed, Vâgené remained skeptical of her brother - for she had sensed his treacherous nature many years before as he skulked in the shadows seething at his supposed spurning at the hands of Cühm. And so she watched on as her family spread themselves across the vast planes of untethered reality, abandoning their original duties.


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