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Whiteacre the Mighty Warlock

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Lead Vocals

Master of Eldritch Sorcery

The origins of Whiteacre the Mighty Warlock, and his true age, are largely debated. Some say he is the son of a Dane mother and the devil, others believe he was born of the cosmos.

before the fall

Having travelled all over the world for an unknown amount of time in pursuit of knowledge of Eldritch Sorcery, The Warlock returned home some time in the early 10th century. From then he embarked on many epic quests, aiding countless people with their troubles using his powerful magic and skills in swordsmanship. Eventually, The Warlock came to work with the various Saxon kings in their battles against the Danes and the many monstrous beasts that once roamed Britannia, in exchange for coin.

The Warlock also aided in the pursuits of The Dwarves of Lochnagar as they battled the Goblins that resided deep within the caverns of Lochnagar and The Corsair Fleet of Dread Pirate 'Arry the Red during the skirmish at the coast of Wessex, alongside his friends Eilianther the Elven Bard and Horace the Alchemist. Over time, The Warlock became a close friend to all the various races of the Æfintýr - or at least, those who didn't threaten the lives of the innocent.

In 1019ad, The Warlock became the leader of the Æfintýr rebellion battling against the forces of Mercia who had deemed them enemies of the church. Stood atop Warlock's rock, he commanded the forces of the Æfintýr during their final battle against Leofwine and the Danes. As the battle turned The immortal Warlock charged Leofwine, confident in his survival, before he was halted by a warrior priest and Dane Shaman. Using The Warlock's own magic against him, the pair cast him down into an eternal slumber. Lightning struck The Warlock's blade, upon which runes began to glow:

Eternity, an early grave; I cast ye out, Satan’s Slave.

endless slumber - til the end of time - never again shall ye rise.

And thus created was The Sword of Eternity, which would hold The Warlock prisoner in comatose state forever.

Rise and the resserection

In 2019ad, having eaten his ham and cheese sandwiches with a bellyful of Tea, Gaz from Hanley continued his excavation during building works in his JCB JS2200 LC+. As the bucket of his digger struck the slab sealing The Warlock's tomb, The Sword of Eternity shifted from The Warlock's grip. Lightning cracked the sky above, and with a sharp gasp of breath The Warlock was awakened.

Confused and alone, The Warlock decided to use a mysterious, unmastered form of Phallic Magic to awaken his fallen comrades. As The Warlock's salty seed spread across the ground, it seeped into the corpses of his long dead friends, bringing them back to life. He then opened a portal leading to another dimension as The Party began their quest to find a new universe to call home.

Accustomed to throwing his voice to incite incantations and spells, The Warlock acts as the voice of WarlocK A.D. as they travel the world telling their epic tales.

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