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Quinn Eilianther the Elven Bard

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Bass Guitars/Vocals

Riddled with galloping nob rot.

Quinn Eilianther; Nephew to the King of the Elven wood Námanor Eilander, artist, songbird and sexual deviant.


They say that when Eilianther the Elven Bard sings, the very words that pass his lips swirl about the air with a magic that enchants all those within earshot. Blessed with the long life of the Elves, Eilianther had performed before Celts, Romans, Danes and Saxons alike - before his kind was deemed undesirable by Pope Benedict VIII. Having joined Whiteacre the Mighty Warlock on countless quests since their meeting in 981ad, Eilianther had become the warlock's closest friend and a true ally in the face of the many evils the pair slew together.

Eilianther worked closely with Horace the Alchemist who provided plenty of tonics and lotions to calm the Elf's countless sexually induced ailments, in exchange for information on Elvish technologies to aid The Alchemist's research. Though their meetings were few, Eilianther had a "competitive" relationship with Dread Pirate 'Arry the Red. One would mock the other, before a swift, embarrassing brawl would break out. Despite this however, they were firm friends - contrary to either of their beliefs.

In 1019ad, when the Æfintýr were deemed enemies of the church, Eilianther acted as a Lieutenant in the rebel army rising up against the forces of King Cnut. Using his incredible voice and creativity, he led many skirmishes with a warband of fellow Elves against the King's men. That was until the event known as "The Fall of the Æfintýr". Once more, Eilianther gathered a force of Elves at Warlock's Rock prepared for battle - However, when the Mercian forces realised the influence over the battlefield Eilianther held, his life was swiftly ended by a pike to the heart.

The resserection

In 2019ad, one-thousand years since "The Fall of the Æfintýr", Eilianther's eternal rest was rudely interrupted by Whiteacre's mighty magical member. Once the Warlock's magic seed seeped into the rotting flesh of The Bard, he was brought to life anew. Covered in mystical jam, Eilianther was of course pleased and confused to see his old friends - and was prepared to embark on epic quests in a journey to find a new home with his party of fellow Æfintýr.

Now, Eilianther joins his brothers in WarlocK A.D. as they tell the tales of their adventures through song - After all, the Bass guitar IS just a chunky Lute, right?


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