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Hell from Beneath

Earth gc-1681

This was the first universe we stumbled into on our Journey - A strange, alternate point in history at which all attempts to finally slay a devastating sea beast had failed, leading to one final climactic battle with the lives of all of mankind hanging in the balance.

- Whiteacre

It goes by many names, they say. Old Stench Flaps, The Salty Terror, but one name was universally known from the shores of the Americas to the Kremlin - Ye Olde Scratch 'n' Sniff.

A horror almost beyond the realm of one's comprehensive abilities, It comes from the depths of Marianna's trench. Its visage is a sight to behold - Bulging, clouded blue eyes which pierce with their eternal gaze, orange slime ridden scales with thin scraps of tendrils hanging from it's crown which, at a glance, one could almost mistake for bleached hair. Though it's fearsome set of twenty meaty, sucker lined tentacles are enough to fill any sea farer with dread, it's most discerning feature is its ginormous, gaping maw. Resembling a balloon lipped, sideways mouth, Scratch 'n' Sniff's looming crevice oozes with a thick, milky foam which seems to seep between its trove of rotting, razor sharp teeth. Many claim to have seen the behemoth swallow entire ships whole with ne'ery a moment of reprieve.

Most terrifying of all, however, is it's ability to pull its entire body within itself and masquerade as an equally abominable, vaguely human looking form so that it may, from time to time, move about the men at port. She would lure in the drunkards with the promise of a night to remember - before dragging them beneath the waves and pulling apart their bodies slowly as she feeds. Over the years, Scratch 'n' Sniff largely remained, thankfully, within the depths of the ocean - only attacking those unfortunate enough to cross her domain over Marianna's trench, or the foolish rum addled dregs from ports all over the world. That was until, she began systematically infiltrating and destroying civilisations, one after the other. All attempts to slay the beast had as yet been unsuccessful. There are few in the world, now, who have survived her devastation.

But those that remain have gathered now to battle this ancient evil. Off the coast of Essex the attack will be launched, as the final remnants of human life gather to surround the beast and rain hellfire down upon it. Mankind may be doomed - but it's end will come about in a final blaze of glory.

Captain Seymour Butts

The battle was, indeed, fierce. The Party and I promptly joined Captain Butts on his vessel "The Chelsea" and, under a full moon, prepared for the imminent arrival of the beast.

The devastation was unprecedented. We watched in horror as, one after the other, the other ships were devoured by the terror. As the screams of men and women filled the air - dwarfed by the deafening roar of the thing - The beast eventually turned toward "The Chelsea". As the sun rose, the terrifying truth became clear - the battle was lost. Before there was a chance to advise otherwise, Captain Butts ordered his men to brace for impact; his plan was to ignite all the gunpowder and rum onboard and penetrate the monster's gaping maw with his ship, sacrificing his life and the life of his men. The beast roared, beating the air with it's writhing tentacles as "The Chelsea" charged along its course. But, before the ship could hit it's mark, and before the gunpowder was lit, "The Chelsea" was stopped dead in it's tracks by the horror's mighty appendages. Wood shattered and splintered as the tentacles tore through the ship's hull, with men screaming and abandoning ship at every oppurtunity.

Then, it happened. With an earth trembling bellow, Scratch 'n' Sniff belched towards the sky. A thick, dark green cloud of smog emanated from it's gaping mouth - filling the atmosphere with a toxic plume which blocked out all light from the sun. With a crack of thunder and a flash of lightning, acid rain began to fall from the heavens, melting away the flesh of those unfortunate enough to be out in the open - Thankfully, The Party and I were all below deck. As the vessel finally began to fall apart, I managed to open another portal. The ship was pulled asunder; in the bloodied water all around floated corpses, debris and all manner of loose remains. The time had come for us to make our escape. First Eilianther, then Horace and Myself; 'Arry was the last of us to escape through the rift which closed behind us as Scratch 'n' Sniff finally achieved it's goal: the total annihilation of all life on Earth.

- Whiteacre

Listen to "scratch 'n' sniff" here!

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