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Dread Pirate 'Arry the Red

Updated: Aug 19, 2021



Born Harold Robert Truman, Dread Pirate 'Arry the Red turned his back on the lavish life of nobility he was born to and took to the high seas on a mission of discovery, plunder and battle.

Before the fall

In the 11th century, terror on the seas had a name. That name? Dread Pirate 'Arry the Red. In a time where norsemen went a-víking, 'Arry was the head of an esteemed fleet of corsairs who travelled all across the globe robbing the rich to feed the poor. This came from 'Arry's early life, when at the tender age of 11, he stole some of his noble family's priceless treasures and used them to barter his way aboard his first vessel, The Salty Mare. It was once believed that it was he, not Leif Ericsson who discovered Vinland (or as 'Arry called it "Arryland"), but all records of this were of course lost following "The Fall of the Æfintýr".

In 1010ad, The Salty Mare ran aground on the southern shores of Wessex, where 'Arry and his crew were set upon by Danes hungry for his exotic jewels. Luckily, however, The Warlock, Eilianther and Horace were soaking in the seaside scenery nearby and chose to aid 'Arry in the battle. It was then that 'Arry showed the party his incredible skills with a blade - slaying Danes one after the other. Following the intense battle, 'Arry pledged to aid the party, with his fleet, any time they needed him. Using his mystical powers, The Warlock created a new vessel for 'Arry, "The Ghost Threat", and Horace gifted 'Arry a new form of weapon - a single shot pistol.

Their paths crossed once more in 1012ad, when the party were taken hostage off the coast of East Anglia by a crew of Danes, led by Ivarr the Windy. As "The Ghost Threat" emerged from behind the cliffs of Great Yarmouth, many a Norseman's breeches were soiled - 'Arry's renown and penchant for giving no quarter being known across the seas.

In 1019ad, Dread Pirate 'Arry the Red held to his word and took his normally seafaring comrades to Warlock's Rock to aid in the Æfintýr's Battle against the forces of Mercia. It was there that the very Danes that escaped the Battle of Great Yarmouth, who were part of the war band from the south, would take their revenge - embedding a bearded axe, in truly bad form, between the pirate's legs after a brief duel. 'Arry, of course, succumbed to his wounds after firing Horace's single shot pistol right between the eyes of Ivarr in a final act of defiance. His last words - "Argh, they got me in me giblets."

the resserection

As lightning cracked the skies above Staffordshire, on that fateful night in 2019ad, 'Arry's fist burst forth from the ground like an angry and mildly aroused badger. Dripping in The Warlock's rejuvenating jelly, Dread Pirate 'Arry the Red rose once more, life coursing through his pirate veins. Upon seeing his Resserected friends , 'Arry once again kept to his oath and joined the party in their quest to find a new home, hoping to one day find a replacement for his beloved lost love parts.

Having mastered the Lyre in his youth, 'Arry's skilled fast fingers of course felt right at home on the neck of a Guitar, as he joins WarlocK A.D. as they share the stories of their epic quests with the world.

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