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Thorumm Mackintosh The Dwarf King of Lochnagar

Phantom Drums

Spectre of a Once Mighty Ruler

Thorumm Mackintosh, also known as "The Golden King of Lochnagar" was the last ruler of the mighty Dwarven Kingdom of Lochnagar.

Before the fall

Deep beneath the rocky mountain of Lochnagar lay the once mighty Golden Kingdom of the Dwarves. Here, the dwarves lived a mostly solitary life, only leaving the kingdom for the purpose of hunting and trade; for deep beneath the mountain they honed their skills in crafting arms, armour and all manner of other glorious creations using the very same precious metals and gems they had mined from the deep caverns of Britannia. It was within these caverns that the Dwarves would be at constant war with their mortal enemies, The Goblins of Black Mount, who constantly seeked to overthrow the Golden Kingdom and take the precious things the Dwarves had unearthed.

This conflict continued during the 10th century, at the end of which the King Thorumm Mackintosh was aided in an epic climactic battle against the Goblins by Whiteacre the Mighty Warlock, Horace the Alchemist and, begrudgingly, Eilianther the Elven Bard. Following this, Mackintosh pledged his allegiance to The Warlock and agreed to aid in battle, should the need arise.

Of course, in 1019ad, the need certainly arose, as "The Fall of the Æfintýr" was at hand. For the first time in centuries, Thorumm gathered his army far to the south where they stood beside The Party in their final battle against the forces of Mercia, led by Leofwine the earldorman. During the conflict, Thorumm was betrayed by his villainous cousin, Micklesoft Vindows, who struck the Golden King down seeking to usurp the throne of Lochnagar. However, this victory was cut short - when Vindows himself was cut down by Norse Berserker. Following "The Fall of the Æfintýr", the remaining Dwarves were massacred along with the rest of the Æfintýr, with their treasures being stolen by the various forces of the church.

the resserection

Though Thorumm was not initially brought back during The Resserection, his soul had not and could not rest until he had fulfilled the oath made to The Warlock. And so, he once again joined the party, in spirit form, on their quest throughout the infinite Multiverse.

Thorumm, when alive, was well versed in the pounding of war drums. Using this expertise, he provides complex rhythmic beating from beyond the veil of the spirit realm.

Thorumm Mackintosh is voiced by our very good friend Jamie Smith.


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