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Horace the Alchemist

Updated: Aug 19, 2021


Big brain, Small Frame

Horace the Alchemist was born the son of a priest, cast out by the church at a young age for his "ungodly" studies.

before the fall

At a young age, Horace would often question the teachings of his father - debating the existence of an "omnipotent sky man". This, of course, would lead to a switch across the rump far more times than Horace would have liked. At the age of 10, Horace stumbled upon an abandoned, hidden library beneath the ruins of a Roman bath house. It was here that his mind was opened up to knowledge from all over the globe - Rome, the Far East, Ancient Egypt just to name a few. When his father found him, Horace's mind was already far passed the beliefs he had tried to beat into him. As a teenager, Horace would frequent the hidden library, pawing through books, writing equations in his own code until he refined the chinese invention of the Fire Lance, so that it may fire large, explosive projectiles. Eventually, Horace was cast out by his father and their congregation for "playing god".

For a time, Horace wandered alone, continuing his studies using the various tomes he had taken from the hidden library, eventually setting up his own shop in Chester, where he met Eilianther the Elven Bard. The Bard required tonics and lotions for the various mysterious ailments he had acquired throughout his sexual adventures. In turn, Horace became close friends with Whiteacre the Mighty Warlock: Joining the pair on many adventures providing support in the form of prototypical engineering and potion-craft.

In 1019ad, Horace stood at The Warlock's side in battle during "The Fall of the Æfintýr", commanding his pupils as they used Horace's revolutionary canons to rain fire down upon the enemy Saxon and Dane forces. However, once the Saxon's saw through the flames and saw the harbinger of the burning devastation, Leofwine ordered a volley against The Alchemist. A Mercian arrow passed clean through Horace's throat, obliterating his vocal chords, and leaving him choking to death on his own blood. Following his death, and "The Fall of the Æfintýr", Horace's research was lost for a time until his invention of the firearm somehow found it's way back to China sometime in the 12th Century.

The Resserection

In 2019ad, during "The Resserection", Horace's life began anew as The Warlock's magical seed engulfed his corpse. As he tried to let out a scream, fear and confusion gripped him as he was unable to make a sound. Though he was once more living, his vocal chords were still destroyed, rendering him Mute. He then joined the party on their multiverse-hopping adventure, eagerly seeking new technologies and scientific advances.

Horace's brilliant technical mind allowed him to learn how to play a guitar in roughly 4 hours - his speciality being thick, chunky chord work which adds some much needed muscle to the WarlocK A.D. sound.

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